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Project Management Services...

Our PMP certified consultants can help you with the following services:

  • Project Management of Information Technology Projects

One of the critical success factors for any project is to have skilled resources at the helm. Having skilled project managers that have experience covering the entire project management domain in a number of difference industries is one of getAlberts strengths. We provide personnel for these leadership roles to ensure you deliver your projects on time and on budget.

  • Development/refinement of project management tools:

Effective use of project management templates is essential when managing projects. Since there is no such thing as a "one size fits all solution", clients are encouraged to customize Project Management templates so they meet their specific requirements. We can work with you to create a set of tools and templates specific to your needs.

  • Development/refinement of project plan templates:

One measure of project management maturity is the standardization of best practices. Our consultants can help you develop project plan templates (both high-level and detailed) which capitalize on proven methodologies and best practices. These project templates may include simply a high-level WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), or may be developed to include your generic resource assignments, task descriptions, standard dependencies, typical performance gates, etc. Project plan templates help reduce the time required for project planning while improving project predictability and success.

  • Post-project review:

If not handled properly, post-project reviews can become highly political. When handled correctly, the post-project review is an excellent source for lessons learned – both good and bad. It provides closure, and assists in the success of future projects. Using a neutral third party to conduct the post-project review helps ensure that the review is done in a way that adds value to the organization – without leaving a bad taste.

Note: For large projects, a review is recommended at the end of each major phase or performance gate. This helps to ensure that problems are caught and dealt with early, lessons are learned, and best practices are incorporated into future phases.

  • Project Management Coaching:

Sometimes, all that is need to take a good project manager and turn them into a great project manager, is a little mentoring or coaching. Our consultants have many years of experience, in a variety of industries. Their hands-on knowledge, coupled with their experience in both training and project team facilitation make them excellent coaches and mentors. Whether one on one, working with a team, face to face or in a virtual setting, coaching can be a very effective means of taking your or your team to the next level. is a leading provider of Information Technology consulting services for any size of organizations.

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