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Whether your organization is looking to build, expand or reinvent your online presence, can help. Our goal is to help our clients envision and deploy web capabilities that generate measurable business value and delight the people who use them.

When creating your web site, there are several important aspects that you must keep in mind:

  • Content:'s design team will examine your input thoroughly, add to that our own research and experience, and then create an Outline or Layout of your web site which ultimately leads to the building of the "Theme" of your site. The resulting design will have the proper content for your Web pages.

  • Presentation:

It doesn't make sense in having great content and not being able to visually represent it properly. Our staff will use your content and create a professional looking web site or kiosk interface that gets attention, and is easy-to-navigate so that visitors to your site will find what they need and most assuredly return in the future. The creative blend of text and graphics on you web site is extremely important in the final look and appeal.

  • Database Integration:

Place your goods or services into a database that your clients can browse through. Since you or your staff can update this database periodically, your website pages will always show what's in stock currently.

  • Shopping Carts & Secure Commerce Order forms:

How about a secure on-line order form that does all the additions and subtractions and calculates the final sale totals on-line? We can create a secure, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use on-line catalog database that your clients will be able to purchase items from.

  • Streaming Audio & Video:

Set your site up with music or narration playing in the background while people browse. Better still, present your latest marketing video on-line for people to view.

  • Web Site Promotion & Marketing:

As a special service, we provide web site marketing. Your site will be listed with the top Web Search engines, Internet directories, and other sources that will make the site visible, alive, and easy-to-find on the Net.

  • Capture Customer Data:

Identify how visitors found your site, how long they stayed, and how often they returned. Learn extensive information about your site's visitors, including their physical location, language, operating system, preferences, and more.

  • Multimedia Enhancements & Programming:





Java & JavaScript Dynamic HTML are experts in delivering engaging, feature-rich enterprise websites on SharePoint and .Net platforms.

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